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Ep. 143 | Omar Medrano - Navigating The Entrepreneurial World With Success

My guest this week is Omar Medrano. Omar is a business coach and a highly successful entrepreneur and business coach for people who are ready to turnaround their business. Omar became a serial franchise owner over the past two decades and after putting in the time, he’s become what his fans call “The Vacation CEO”. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Medrano knows how to turn around flat businesses and businesses that are at the point of going under.

In this insightful episode, we delve into the world of entrepreneurship with our guest, Omar Medrano, who shares his experiences, challenges, and keys to success in the business realm. Omar's journey began with a passion for his craft, but he quickly realized that passion alone does not guarantee financial success. He emphasizes the importance of learning how to monetize your skills and talents to build a sustainable business. outlines his seven keys to success, providing valuable insights for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs alike. We talk about failures and the common obstacles faced by business owners such as limiting beliefs and self-destructive patterns. We also also delve into the concept of "catching the falling knife" or buying someone's business. He cautions against the notion of narcissistically believing in one's ability to turn around a failing venture. This episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. Omar's expertise and passion for business are evident throughout the conversation, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the entrepreneurial world with success.


00:00 - Ashish introduces the guest, Omar Medrano

00:44 - Omar talks about his background, his journey, and how he got to where he's at

03:33 - Ashish asks Omar about the challenges that business owners are facing and the trends he's seeing

04:04 - Entrepreneurship is a process

06:59 - Follow your passion, but realize that it does not pay. You need to learn to monetize what you're good at

08:16 - Omar talks about his 7 keys to success

15:41 - Obstacles that Omar's clients experience and the limiting beliefs, self-destructing patterns that surfaces as a result of working with him

17:37 - Ashish asks Omar how he deals with failure

19:19 - Omar shares what he's working on with regard to his own development

21:55 - Omar's thoughts on catching the falling knife or buying someone's business and its relation to narcissism, thinking you can turn it around and become the better leader

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