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Ep. 114 | Forbes Shannon – Your Thoughts Create Your Results


June 27, 2023

7:30 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Forbes Shannon. Forbes is the Co-founder of Change Agents Academy, whose mission is to facilitate personal and professional transformation for your team, business, or enterprise. He is the co-author of Exponential Theory, written to empower leaders to think bigger about themselves, their communities, and their world. He is a stand-up comedian and Executive Producer of Venture Café Phoenix, a center of gravity for the entrepreneurship and innovation scene in the community.

In this episode, Forbes talks about his book and his journey. He gets personal and shared his family background, recalling the moment he hit rock bottom, dealing with a mental health crisis, and how he overcame it. He shared the power of our thoughts and how they share our reality and our results in life. He also shared the 7 Universal Truths, applicable to all aspects of our lives.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Forbes

01:24- Forbes talks about the book that he co-authored and also talks about their business venture

02:50- Forbes talks about his family background and about his interesting name

05:48 – Forbes recalls a moment he hit rock bottom, struggling with his mental health and dealing with suicidal thoughts

10:39- Ashish asks Forbes about any reflections he had that brought him to a dark place

11:44 – Your thoughts create your results.

12:39 – The comfort zone can be a really dangerous place, as you can be comfortable in misery

19:50 – Forbes gives advice to the audience from his own experiences

20:35- Ashish asks Forbes about the physical and lifestyle changes he made that helped him grow

25:06- Redefining your comfort zone

27:55- Ashish asks Forbes what he found beneficial and not beneficial with the medication, as he looks back on his experience

32:34 – What you resist, persists. Forbes gives a piece of advice to people who are still stuck or in denial about mental illness

37:49- Ashish asks Forbes how he got started in standup comedy for over 10 years now

45:33- Ashish and Forbes talk about the seven universal truths

51:53- Forbes talks about Venture Café Phoenix

56:56 - Ashish asks Forbes what it means to have a rich life

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