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Ep. 104 | Ashish Nathu – The Importance of Rigor


April 18, 2023

7:00 am

Rigor is a concept that's important in all aspects of our lives. In life, it's easy to fall into patterns of behavior that feel comfortable and familiar. But if we're not careful, those patterns can limit our growth and prevent us from reaching our full potential. Rigor means setting high standards for ourselves and holding ourselves accountable for meeting them. It means being disciplined, focused, and committed to achieving our goals.

In this episode, Ashish breaks down this concept of rigor – what it is and how it shows up in all aspects of our lives. Ashish talks about how the concept of rigor used to be a huge mental block for him, and how he realized the importance of rigor after a season of his life. Ashish spoke about how rigor provides a lot of value to his business operations and the results that they are getting. He shares how it allowed him and his team to set clear goals, measure progress, hold themselves accountable, and collaborate with each other to create better results.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces the topic

01:35 – Why Ashish found the concept of rigor a huge mental block for him

02:10 – How having a routine helped him with developing the right mindset

02:27 – The concept of rigor in our personal lives

03:40 – How rigor is applied in his business operations and shows up in the results they are getting

05:42 – Developing rigor allows organizations to have a better thought structure, and the structure their team needs that gave them clarity on their roles, goals, and results

06:15 – Effect of rigor on time management and productivity

06:53 – Effect of rigor on sales

10:18 – How having rigor allows you to whether storms and ride good times and bad times together as a team

10:40 – How we manage our time


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